We have approximately 400+ acres of land that our trails run through.  The trails are color coded and there are maps available to help you navigate your way through your riding adventure.


We hope that you get as much enjoyment out of the trails as we do.   Our trails give a great view as you ride along side the lakes and through the woods. Wild life and farm life intermingle as you work your way around the trails. You can access Tuscobia trail from one of our trail loops.  You can also access to 1000+ acres of county land that have beautiful trails.


But enough from us, we'll let someone who's ridden our trails, H.J. Bichler, share his thoughts:


The trails in this area represent Wisconsin at it's finest. The variety of trail types allow for comfortable riding regardless of the season or weather conditions.


The Tuscobia is a well-established trail with a solid base, a slight grade and wide clearance. It is a multi-use trail but this section, between Hwy SS and Angus, (9.4 miles) is limited to non-motorized use.


Adjacent to the Tuscobia State trail are privately owned On Twin Lakes trails that offer 400+ acres of beauty and serenity that can only be assured with non-public lands (no need to contend with 4-wheelers here). Here you have the feel of being in back country without the risk or inconvenience.


On Twin Lakes trails are designed to allow for driving or riding. You can enjoy being surrounded by nature unencumbered by lights or noise while you watch the wildlife (the Eagles and Sand Hill Cranes are my favorites) and let the stress melt away.


On Twin Lakes Trails offers easily accessible overnight accommodations for your horse and trailer and an unusual variety of trail riding experiences. No need to ride the same trail every day - North South East or West there is a new trail experience around every bend.

The serenity of nature combined with the security of well marked and maintained trails make On Twin Lakes a unique and memorable experience for horse and rider.


We know you will have a great time riding the trails at On Twin Lakes.  There are a few things we want you to know and have ready before you arrive.

 - Trail passes are required for single or multi-day use per horse

 - We will provide a color-coded trail map and water for the horses

 - Hay, stalls, and paddocks are also available upon request

 - Port-potties are available for riders

 - We do not provide horses for hire, you ride your own horse

 - All riders are required to sign a waiver

 - A copy of readable negative coggins is required for each horse

 - No stallions are allowed (sorry)

 - Minors must be accompanied by a parent to ride

 - We reserve the right to refuse ill or ill-mannered horses (and riders)

 - No dogs are allowed

 - If you or your horse breaks it, chews it, or dents it - you bought it

 - We ask that you follow trail etiquette when riding for the safety of yourself and others

For more information on our trails, camping, and availability, please, call, e-mail, or submit a contact form.

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