Our sweetcorn is a local legend, but it's not the only thing we grow.  On Twin Lakes features a full garden.  We grown several types of lettuce and cabbage, carrots, zucchini, onions, potatoes, cucumbers, brussels sprouts, spinach, tomatoes, and a host of other vegetables.


We sell our produce at our roadside stand on the property and at Marketplace foods in Rice Lake seasonally.


In the fall we also have pumpkins large and small, squash, and corn stalks for decorating.

We raise a unique beef animal called Buelingo.  These animals are often called Oreo cows due to their black front and back with white belted coloring.  They are more docile than most breeds and grow well on an all-grass diet.  This is important because our meat is purely grass-fed, with no hormones or antibiotics.  This creates a lean, healthy meat.


There are two ways to buy meat from On Twin Lakes.  You can buy by the cut like you would in a grocery store, or in bulk.  Bulk purchases are done by the quarter, half, and whole animal and feature a variety of cuts.  With enough advanced notice you can customize your bulk order to feature more ground beef, roasts, etc.  Please call or fill out our contact form for additional information on pricing and the bulk ordering process.


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